Yes – it’s the one lots of people are waiting for, not just because they’re SCAR fans but because it’s a HAO SCAR; the brand synonymous with high quality 1:1 replicas.

This one is playing directly to the home crowd, because it’s a SCAR PTW.

Some points to note about HAO’s 2020 SCAR release: first it’s a polymer lower, not an alloy one.

Second, HAO builds from the ground up using RS data. They don’t repurpose parts from OEMs – so the upper, for instance, will be pure HAO; not some shonky conversion of a GBB SCAR upper.

Expect the tanodize to be absolutely spot on.

On the other hand, don’t expect this to be the end of their SCAR plans. HAO’s CEO also mentioned an MWS SCAR will follow the PTW.

Still, it’s a year since the SCAR PTW project was announced so I expect to see solid progress soon.


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