HAO sent over this Peace Combat cover which seems to suggest the next evolution of the Systema PTW will drop in 2021. The cover is for the March edition.

Interestingly, the Japanese characters below the English say something about ‘second generation’ and ‘shock’, so could this be attempt number two at implementing a credible recoil shock system?

Systema’s first attempt at recoil featured a very different system to what’s commonly available on the market, with a fair old jolt which eventually cracked OEM lowers. The trouble with it was the inconvenience, low capacity and high price of its battery mags. If they’ve fixed that, we may have something decent to look forward to.

We shall see. Systema’s changes tend to be incremental (or evolutionary – as the Peace Combat sub-heading suggests) rather that revolutionary.

What can be doubly confirmed is that the TW5 is back on the Systema dealer price list for 2021 – along with an SCK recoil PTW; something they said they’d never do.

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