I’ve written about dropped in uppers and lowers way too much.

However, the L119A2 depicted is notable because we don’t often see UKSF two tones.

Looking fresh and unpainted, I’d wager it’s the lower that’s dropped in. I’m assuming the upper is rattle canned, but it’s hard to say from the pic.

I don’t think this is a particularly old image, although the Aimpoint CompM4 seems way less popular nowadays – having being superseded by the smaller and lighter Aimpoint T2.

The old gen Aimpoint 3xMAG-1 is no signifier of age, either, because UKSF still use the legacy variant, as well as the newer one.

Also of note, as pointed out to me by @jay_taranis, the UKSF guy with L119A2 is wearing a G4 Combat Shirt (REVIEW). We’ve seen G4 Combat Pants (REVIEW) previously with UKSF, but I think this is the first public G4 Combat Shirt pic (although the G4 set was already known to be in use).

Normally pictured surrounded by CAG or DEVGRU guys, the actual subject of this pic is General Miller. Because of this and a few other clues, Afghanistan is the likely location. In 2018, he assumed command of NATO’s Resolute Support mission – the follow up to ISAF. The UK’s component numbers just over 1000 personnel.

It wasn’t long ago that we saw this UKSF pic, also assessed to be Afghanistan.

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