This one was kindly sent through by a friend of the blog, though I understand it originated on the DEVTSIX forum with the narrative:

Possible 22 sighting. A-stan, 2019.

I have no way to confirm these specific details, however, but that is certainly an L119A2 and it’s since been suggested the chap belongs to UKSF SRR – Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

It’s an interesting pic, because the kit is light on certain items. The AVS’ 2-band cummerbund is slick as far as we can tell, aside from a TQ on the left. Also, there’s no belt kit.

I did think there were no comms, but this image (cheers Dave) seems to suggest otherwise. There’s also a Garmin in there.

I initially thought the jacket was an Arc’teryx Combat Jacket, but it’s actually more likely to be a Crye Loft Jacket (thanks again Dave).

Continuing with the theme of lack, the L119A2 (with 10″ upper) appears to be devoid of light and laser – which isn’t normal besides what we sometimes see in jungle pics. It tricks the eye into thinking the upper is a long (15.7) – but check out the number of vents in relation to the forward picatinny section, on the right hand side.

So we’ve looked at what’s not there but this pic pays dividends in items we know are out there, but which may not have appeared in open source pics to date.

The first example is the Magpul AFG (as opposed to the common AFG-2).

The second example is the Magpul RSA.

Of course, the depicted Magpul MS3 sling (in black, naturally) wouldn’t work so well without the RSA.

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