HAO’s HK416A5 conversion kit for Tokyo Marui MWS is available now, in black ano and the incredibly sexy ‘tanodized’ RAL8000 ano.

For me it’s a no brainer. HAO has absolutely nailed RAL8000 again, like they did with their CAG set for PTW. I’ve seen the latter for real and the ano tone is amazing – changing colour from gold to green to grey to brown depending on the environment.

Keen eyed readers will note from the pics that HAO has recreated the correct, long thread 416 barrel nut area on the upper receiver – which I think is a first for MWS.

They’ve also rescaled their kit so that as far as possible it’s 1:1 and therefore compatible with RS parts. So, little things like RS trigger guards and mag catches will now fit without fettling.

Enjoy the pics and just to add that HAO has confirmed that the next MWS kit will be the L119A2, as originally planned.

The HK416A5 is available direct from HAO.

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