This reference pic reminded me of how much I liked using the divisively styled Mission First Tactical (MFT) Battlelink Minimalist Stock. It’s assessed to depict a CAG guy.

The pic is from @trident_archives but I saw it on @unknownatom, to be fair.

The key for me when I was using the MFT stock was in the butt’s rolled toe. It’s extremely comfortable when shouldering the rifle and while it’s generally a feature of the most modern stock designs, MFT’s implementation is the best I’ve used.

Looks aside, one perception that’s been articulated by some who’ve not used the stock is that it’s bound to hang up in use. Indeed, it is hook shaped.

However, I never found that to be the case in practice. I’m not sure CAG guys would be using the MFT if it’d happened to them. In fact, the CAG pic is not the only reference material of note which features the stock.

Regular readers may remember that in December 2019 I featured this DEVGRU article, inspired by a @slayderaider pic.

And in January 2020 I followed up with another DEVGRU article. Both pieces were about what a modern DG blaster really looks like.

It’s also great to see more clone builds leveraging the MFT stock, doing something different and breaking the mould. It’ll never be a hugely popular stock on the replica scene because it’s so Marmite and a risky look. But functional is functional and legit is legit.

And the stock isn’t just a fixture in modern CAG and DEVGRU pics, as attested here:

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