Eighteen months from the release of their limited edition run, HAO has come through with the production version of their CAG HK416D kit for Systema PTW.


HAO watchers will immediately spot the change in the receiver’s ano. I’m told the company spent a long time on this aspect.

Judging by the pics they’ve sent, they hit it out of the park.


Keen eyes will spot that HAO has once again bundled the kit with a handful of HK416A5-specific parts. The company isn’t ignorant to the fact that these are not CAG-legit; it’s simply a commercial decision.



For enthusiasts who want to get as close as possible to legit, the most authoritative view on building a CAG HK416D clone in my opinion is Tan_Rifle’s article for the blog.

The mount seen here is HAO’s own G-replica.


Lastly, don’t forget that you must remove the sling loops from the gas block – ghetto style – to fit the SMR; just like the real deal. That part doesn’t happen at Oberndorf.

The kit will be available from 01 November.

HAO’s CAG HK416D product page is here.



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