Not an incremental update, but a bit of fun. A loose clone, inspired by the now iconic Misfit Society/Milspec Tailor pics of a UKSF cool guy; driven by the long evenings of the U.K. lockdown. How are we all doing?

The basis, of course, is my HAO L119A2 Systema PTW built by Tackleberry. You can read about him in this 2020 interview, which represents a solid primer with regards to his services.

For me, the parts which truly stand out and make the Misfit/Milspec Tailor pic paradigm shifting are as follows (and written about recently, in this article).

The list above links to previous articles I’ve written about each item.

Needless to say there’s stuff that can’t be seen in the pic, and stuff like the optic bundle (ACOG and Trijicon RMR) which I can’t replicate as I don’t have it to hand.

The names of the products I’ve used to replicate the ID’d salient features are highlighted above in yellow.

There’s been some discussion over the Manta can cover in terms of its looks; I’m on the fence myself. I’m pleased to say, however, that it’s absolutely not indicated as a one off idiosyncratic to the reference pic.

I first heard about Manta can covers being used (with the SBS, as it happens) in summer 2018 and it only took a few months for one to appear – in the Misfit/Milspec Tailor pic. We still don’t know if this guy is SAS or SBS, but my money is on SBS. Something about the modernity of the accessories persuades me, but we may never know.

Parts List

  • Tackleberried Systema PTW
  • HAO L119A2 full kit
  • RS Aimpoint Micro T2
  • RS Aimpoint Micro LRP mount
  • RS Aimpoint Micro 39mm spacer
  • RS BCM Vertical Foregrip MOD 3
  • RS Colt Canada trigger guard
  • RS Colt Canada six position receiver extension
  • RS Colt Canada receiver extension nut
  • RS Colt Canada ambi charging handle assembly
  • RS Colt Canada ejector port cover assembly
  • RS Inforce WMLx Gen 2 white/IR
  • RS Magpul Magpul MOE K2 grip
  • RS Magpul CTR stock
  • RS Magpul ASAP receiver end plate
  • RS Magpul RSA QD forward sling mount
  • RS Magpul Pmags converted by Tackleberry
  • RS Manta Suppressor Cover
  • RS Viking Tactics two point adjustable sling with Ferro pull tab
  • Bruno’s Surefire FA556SA 3D printed replica suppressor
  • Element LA5 with Jay Taranis’ UKSF spec label kit

I cut my Manta can cover after the 21st rib, as indicated by the reference pic, to expose the FA556SA’s locking collar. That said, there’s also been some discussion about what looks best: collar cut, or more of an ‘SD’ look. I leave it to the reader to decide.

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