It’s nearly a year since The Misfit Society dropped a version of the following pic on IG. Today, a better quality version was debuted by Milspec Tailor which kills dead some conjecture. Additionally, it apparently shows the first example of an accessory long known to be in use.

Confirmed in use on the UKSF cool guy’s L119A2:

  1. Inforce WMLx
  2. Manta Suppressor Cover in Camo
  3. BCM Vertical Grip MOD

Always fast and keen eyed, pm8891 tipped me off about the pic and made the ID of the BCM. The pic then went out for peer review to a few trusted individuals, including @theotherguy1999. I was in agreement, too – on balance thinking this was finally ‘that’ pic which tied up a number of modern L119A2 accessories in one go.

And that’s the interesting bit for me, because we’re getting to a stage where we can kind of date an L119A2 by its accessories. It’s only taken five years.

In the reference pic the grip certainly looks angled, and the BCM is known widely to be in use – affidavits from several first hand trusted sources underline this, including The Geardo Crow.

However, a conversation with someone who has seen the non-public pics in this series has confirmed it is indeed the BCM.

The pic also confirms (as many of us thought from the original pic) that the Manta Suppressor Cover is Camo.

In the new pic, I count 21 ribs – so I presume the cover stops just before the suppressor’s collar.

For example, here’s my L119A2 Systema PTW which I’ve mocked up to partially represent the one in the reference pic:

Check out @milspectailor’s kit

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