Words and Pics: Nismo

I wanted to build a SEAL style M4 using the iconic GG&G free float rail and CAR15 stock, from the time before the HK416.

I was inspired by pics like these:

I’ve always loved the look of those GG&G free float rails and when I got the chance to get my hands on one, I decided to start this new build.

There is no other platform for me than the Systema PTW – no contest. So that was settled early on and I messaged the Master of PTWs himself, Tackleberry in the UK.

We corresponded for some time, to figure out what was possible. Then I started to pick the required accessories and the options that I wanted. As seen in the reference pics, there are several options for the stock, flash hider and/or suppressor and optic.

I bought a Systema PTW kit and sent it and my GG&G rail to Tac. That was when the well known wait started. Everyone who has dealt with Tac knows that perfection takes time; and this is far from my first Tac build.

Tac had my receiver Cerakoted in a gun-metal color tone. He also had the Colt markings engraved. I love the depth and finish of the Cerakote. My camera cannot catch the finish effectively, but it’s really good and well worth the extra cost.

Tac also provided an RS CAR-15 stock, which I like very much. That’s why I didn’t go for a Crane LMT stock for now. A good old CompM2 – or an ACOG TA01 – is mounted at the moment, but an ACOG TA01 NSN is on its way.

The only thing I’d do differently is to use a HAO Colt receiver set. My engraved Colt trades are not 100% accurate. Tac offered the HAO to me during the build, but I passed on it – which I regret a little bit now. But maybe this is a good option for later.

Anyway, I really like the result and wanted to share it; as TRH asked for a review for T H E blog, I was very honored again.

Please let me say a big “Thank you” to Tac for his job again and also to TRH for putting it on the blog. You guys are both really amazing.

 Enjoy the pics and the item list.

Parts list:

  • Systema PTW M4 CQB value kit
  • Lower & upper receiver cerakoted and Colt engraved
  • GG&G 1201 free float rail handguard
  • Colt CAR-15 stock
  • KAC fore grip
  • G&P KAC QD silencer
  • Insight AN/PEQ2A / Insight AN-PEQ15
  • Trijicon ACOG TA01 / Aimpoint Comp M2
  • KAC rear back up sight
  • LBT – 2626A GPS pouch with Garmin 401 GPS

Future plans / ideas: ACOG TA01 NSN; correct rear sight; matching torch; BE Meyers FH; Wilcox Aimpoint mount and LMT stock

Readers can follow Nismo on IG.