Words and Pics: Nismo

It’s been a while since I wrote about my HAO HK416D for Rich’s blog, so here’s the current setup.


I did not follow a specific reference pic, nor did I want to go clone correct – or use any of the Blaster Build Doctrines identified recently by Rich (incisive though that article is). I was influenced by the military side of things though, as I think it’s easy to see.

To build an HK416D to my liking, the Systema PTW platform is still the one to mess with in my opinion. Right now I consider HAO to produce the best 416 receiver set and parts, in terms of detail and quality; but also – crucially – due to the 1:1 scale and RS compatibility of Systema and HAO. Chasing and picking up those difficult to source RS parts isn’t easy, as I do like my real steel. It’s taken patience and quite a bit of luck.

It’s difficult to say which setup/combo of parts or combo of colours I like the most. However, as can be seen from the pics and item list at the end of the piece, I treat the whole as a ‘block’ ecosystem of accessories, which I switch around from time to time. The prototype Geissele SMR in DDC certainly gets people talking.


As this project is nearly done in my eyes (I still need an RS S&S Precision LowPro Mount), I am waiting for HAO to release its new Tanodized CAG HK416D kit; then I will start a new build…so, hurry up guys!


Please let me say again a big “Thank you” to Rich for putting this article on T H E blog.

Item list:

  • HAO HK416 V2 Kit
  • All Systema PTW MAX2 internals, M4 grip & stock tube
  • RS HK ejection port cover ABS
  • RS BCM charging handle
  • RS Magpul MOE stock black / FDE
  • RS LBT – 2626A GPS pouch with Garmin 401 GPS
  • RS Magpul sling adapter MS1-MS3
  • RS Magpul ASAP
  • RS VTAC MK2 AOR1 sling
  • RS KAC rear back-up sight
  • RS L3 EOTech 553
  • RS PVS-14 with LaRue LT-114 mount
  • RS Elcan Specter DR 1-4x w/ Docter sight II
  • RS Nightforce NXS 2,5-10×24 NAV-SPEC w/ Wilcox docter mount / w Docter sight II
  • RS Nightforce Ultralite rings
  • RS Geissele prototype HK416 SMR rail DDC
  • RS Geissele HK416 SMR rail black
  • RS Surefire M600DF
  • RS Surefire RM45 mount for M600 series
  • RS Surefire M952V-TN w/ HS mount
  • RS Surefire X-400 old Gen
  • RS Magpul MVG foregrip (direct mount)
  • RS KAC front flip up sight
  • RS Insight AN/ PEQ15 w/ remote switch
  • RS Converted RS EMAGS & PMAGS
  • LowPro mount (a clone until a real one can be found)
  • Angry Gun Surefire replica silencer w/ 4-prong flash hider black & FDE
  • Dytac Surefire replica silencer w/ 4-prong flash hider FDE
  • PTS AAC replica silencer