In May this year I was lucky enough to get Tackleberry’s very first Magpul MOE K2 grip conversion for PTW.

I wrote about it here.

It now intersects with the story of my L119A2 build, the previous instalment of which can be read here.

Why Magpul MOE K2?

Having tried steeper angled grips on other platforms (a number of GBBs accept RS grips without modification), I find them more ergonomic; and that’s really important to me, primarily because it’s more comfortable.

Over the years I’ve experienced increasing discomfort from nerve damage and chronic musculoskeletal issues, so anything which helps me get out in the woods on a weekend greatly improves my quality of life.

The Magpul MOE K2 grip is one such accessory.

Tackleberry’s Implementation Evolves

At the time I received it, I’d say Tackleberry was 95% happy with his implementation of the MOE K2 for PTW. He doesn’t usually release into the wild updates he’s only 95% happy with, but we had an understanding that the implementation would be updated incrementally any time my lower was with him in future. In the meantime I’d provide practical feedback.

The latest upgrade happened this week, because my existing lower had been shedding its skin in Tac’s highly capable hands.

Tackleberry’s Update on the Magpul MOE K2 Implementation

Tackleberry kindly gave me some words and pics, to share with The Reptile House readers about the mod.

But note:


Tac jealously guards his secrets because, quite frankly, it’s his livelihood and his intellectual property.

So, I’m pretty pleased he’s let the blog and it’s readers in on one of those trade secrets:

I’ve now implemented the Magpul MOE K2 Mod exactly as I originally envisioned it.

The initial problem was the lack of space at the rear, due to the intersection of the back of the Motor and the inside of the Grip.

The Grip had to be hollowed out as much as I dared, but to get it to fit I still had to mill the rear of the Motor at the Brush Gear to induce a slope to match the angle of the MOE K2.

That all worked out just fine, but there wasn’t any available room for the Wiring.

The only solution was to mill slots in the both sides of the Bearing Housing to bring the Wires to the front where there is ample space.

It was then just a matter of reversing the normal set up of how the Wires are laid and soldered to the Hoods.

I also milled a slot in the Endbell to allow the negative lead to pass along to the back of the Motor.

The reason for this is to keep it all low profile to allow the Grip to easily be slid on and off, as would be on the usual standard set up.

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