An interview with SOE’s Freddy Hades, about his newly finished PTW build.

(The Reptile House) Hej, Freddy! Welcome back to the blog!

I’ve been watching your build take shape over the months on your IG. What inspired you to build this beautiful LWRC M6IC PTW?

(Freddy) About 3 years ago Swedish Nationella insatsstyrkan – NI (National Task Force – police CT unit) and Särskilda operationsgruppen – SOG (Special Operations Task Group – SOF unit) decided to upgrade their main 5.56 platform.

Some reference pics of NI:

12345Some reference pics of SOG:


The previously issued HK G36C (heavily modified with Spuhr parts, etc) was replaced by the LWRC M6IC platform.

Both NI and SOG specs come with a 12.7″ barrel, Surefire suppressor, Ergo 2 grip, Patriot Brown finish, etc.

The biggest difference between the two units’ specs is the LAW Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter chosen by NI – and of course some different engravings.


NI also opts for the Magpul CTR stock, whereas the SOG rifle is issued with the LWRC Compact Adjustable Stock.

Here’s an earlier incarnation of my blaster, with the latter:



The LWRC M6IC was first publicly spotted during the 7th of April 2017 terror attack in Stockholm (Never Forget) when NI was quickly deployed to the scene; and also seen in an SOG promotion video.

On a side note, the LWRC M6IC will replace the current issue Swedish police HK G36. So it will be used by Piketen (Regional SWAT teams) etc. Theirs is the same spec, but in black and does not feature the LAW folding stock adapter.

Why PTW? You’ve been into them since back in the day. What is it that evokes such a hardcore following?

Well it stands for Professional Training Weapon and that’s just what it is for me: a tool for training and being able to do force on force scenarios.


Compared to other platforms (TM style AEGs, GBBRs etc) its hard to beat the reliability of the PTW. I’ve been running them since 2007 and I always go back to them.

The quality and drop-in real steel compatibility is unbeatable. If you like as much RS gear on your gun as possible, without compromising performance, it’s the only way to go

Sure they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Plus, you don’t put £2000 rims on a Skoda…

The LAW stock adapter is really interesting (these are also in use on some SBS L119A2s BTW).

How did you go about fitting it and does it function as intended, bearing in mind that the PTW buffer is full of wires, battery and electronics?

It absolutely functions as designed, but it ain’t pretty with the ETiny mini mosfet and battery cables showing. So its not suitable for use like that IMHO.


As with everything else regarding my rifles, Julian over at Urban Op3rator has done all my internal modifications and fittings.

He shares my eye for detail and vision of getting it 100% – both visually and functionally.

The Ergo 2 is also noteworthy…

Julian did the work and I know from past experience of trying to convert an old Hogue grip myself that it’s a real hassle to do them. You have to be careful and go really slow –  not to remove too much material to get it right.


The Ergo – depending on version – can actually be easier to work with than the Hogue.

Absolutely love the Patriot Brown. How did you go about getting the superficial modifications done?

That was easy-peasey. I sent the receiver set and rail parts to Ikote here in Sweden and Max did a great job.


The funny thing is, I bought the FCC SuperMAX which included the receiver already Cerakoted in a beautiful black color – but what to do? The color has to be right!

Cerakote isn’t a cheap option, but after a lot of thinking and debating I felt it was the only option to get it done right. It’s an important detail.

How much leeway do you have for your own ergonomics in terms of what’s seen in the wild? I noticed on an earlier iteration of the build you were using a Magpul MOE grip.

The MOE was always a placeholder for me, until I got around to getting the Ergo grip done. I’ve always been a big advocate of setting up your rifle and gear based on user experience.

Everybody is anatomically different and no set up is universal and works for everybody. Some prefer running a C-clamp grip and others grab the VFG broom handle style, etc. It all boils down to what’s right for you.

Even if the rifle is recoil-less (as the PTW is), I still run it as I would a real rifle and keep the control and drive of the rifle as I would do in a real situation. “Train as you fight” and all those tacticool one liners are important, even if they sound cheesy.

You’re well known as a gear procurement god, but was anything particularly difficult to get hold of?

The LWRC parts for sure! The rail and rail adapter are not sold as spare parts. The only way to get a hold of them is if someone who bought a complete rifle decides to change them out.

I was lucky to get hold of a couple of sets. Having friends in the right places made it happen. Without the LWRC rail parts, it would have been pointless to even attempt the build.

What would you do differently next time, or change?

I have no regrets or things I would change with this build. My rifle was an experiment in path finding, to see what was possible. Luckily no fuck-ups so far.

Since mine has been completed, I’ve done a second build for a teammate in SOE with the exact same build specs and build methods.


The only thing I have left to do is source an RS LWRC gas block and have it modified to fit, but the one I have now will suffice until that opportunity arises.


Other than that, I will switch out the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier’s TwistMount for an Aimpoint FTS mount; but I’m in no rush, since it’s a pretty expensive part that I just can’t justify right now.

What’s next?

Next up will be something big. It might feature the PTW, but in 7.62.

Only time will tell 😉


Parts List

  • FCC SuperMAX PTW
  • 12.7″ Dytac outer barrel
  • Madbull Barrett gas block and piston assembly
  • Dytac Surefire RC2 (Cerakoted, with markings)
  • RS Magpul CTR stock – mil spec
  • RS Ergo 2 grip
  • RS LWRC mag catch
  • RS LWRC QD sling plate
  • RS LWRC Ambi charging handle
  • RS LWRC trigger guard
  • RS LWRC 9″ rail and receiver adapter (the RS one has a one-piece monolithic upper)
  • RS LAW Tactical Folding Stock Adapter
  • RS Magpul AFG2
  • RS Magpul MBUS Pro BUIS
  • RS Surefire M300V
  • RS Aimpoint Micro T2 and 38mm spacer
  • RS Aimpoint 3X Magnifier
  • RS Aimpoint TwistMount and 38mm spacer
  • RS L3 PEQ15
  • RS VTAC sling

RS = Real Steel

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