Words and pics: Jensen Lee

Since switching to gas only – eight years ago – with the Hawaii Gas Blowback Club, I got to play with and own a multitude of platforms from KWA, WA, Viper Tech, WE-Tech and Tokyo Marui.


Each platform has its pros and cons, but I’ve settled on the Tokyo Marui MWS platform – mainly because of its performance.

I knew eventually there would be CNC aftermarket body kits for MWS, but it took some time for companies to release alternatives to TM’s Colt marked receiver set; one of which is the Arrow Arms HK416A5.

The HK416A5 has been growing on me, thanks mainly to The Reptile House Blog’s coverage of the HAO kit for PTW.


I initially thought the Arrow Arms HK416A5 aftermarket body kit would be exclusive to Japan and for its price to reflect that. However, its OEM is rumoured to be Iron Airsoft/Prime and it has been given a global release.

I had the opportunity to purchase this kit and immediately placed an order for it.


The Arrow Arms kit includes almost all the parts that one could expect.

However, some essential components aren’t offered by the company and had to be sourced.

So, in addition to the kit, I ended up buying a HAO HK416A5 enhanced trigger guard, their V7 grip, and their polymer dust cover – all in RAL8000 – along with a genuine HK Assault Grip.

The hardest part to source was the Slimline stock, given that the genuine HK version is usually out of stock. Luckily, a local store owner sold me the stock from a VFC HK416A5.


The kit’s finish is superb.

It is fully CNC’d and “tanodized”. The faux gas block, functioning ambi-bolt lock, ambi-magazine release, sling plate, piston rod, enhanced castle nut, take down pins, and 1” barrel extension are all steel.

They’ve really got the details down: even the dummy pins use c-clips to mimic the RS. The kit also features its own unique serial, which mirrors HK factory numbering.


All the parts installed perfectly, which is a step up from the previous HK416 kits Arrow Arms has marketed. The only modification needed was to the VFC stock. It had to be filed a little, on the inside walls, to fit on the buffer tube – since the VFC was not made to RS spec.


As for the accessories, I opted to use a replica Wilcox riser and flip-to-side mount for the RS Eotech XPS2 and G33 magnifier. I like the added height it gives during game play whilst wearing a mask. As mentioned earlier, I had to have a genuine HK Assault Grip, and it is the most expensive VFG I have ever purchased! Lastly, I added a VFC replica PEQ-15.


Overall, this kit is well made and I’m very happy with it.

Though I cannot compare it directly to the HAO, I do know that Arrow Arms has compromised in their kit’s barrel nut area. HAO’s A5 replicates the longer barrel nut thread of the RS, whereas Arrow Arms has gone M4 spec (which is shorter). Luckily that doesn’t make any difference with the barrel nut screwed on.


However, if HAO ever does make a HK416 kit for the MWS, I have my wallet ready!

Parts List

  • Arrow Arms HK416A5 MWS Kit
  • RS Eotech XPS-2 in Tan
  • RS Eotech G33 Magnifier in Tan
  • RS HK Assault Grip in RAL8000
  • HAO Enhanced Trigger Guard in RAL8000
  • HAO V7 Grip in RAL8000
  • HAO Polymer Dust Cover in RAL8000
  • HAO G33 Lens Protector
  • EG-Tactical Wilcox Riser in Burnt Bronze
  • EG-Tactical Flip-to-Side Mount in Burnt Bronze
  • VFC A5 Stock in Tan
  • VFC PEQ-15 in Tan
  • Iron Airsoft MWS PMAG