Words and Pics: Lorenzo Malfatti

Since my last article I have changed a few things on my Marui NGRS L119A2 replica:

  • First, I’ve gone for a more commonly seen mount and removed the HSP Thorntail; I’ve replaced it with a classic Surefire M600 one
  • I’ve changed the repro Magpul RSA QD for a genuine Magpul RSA
  • I’m now using a BFG wire loop; one time the QD sling swivel I was using detached when I had the rifle on my back and it wasn’t funny – so I decided to use a more secure option
  • I changed my genuine Aimpoint Micro T1 on GG&G QD mount for a Genuine T2 on an LRP mount with 39mm spacer. I always liked the T2 more but without reference pics I used the T1. After the Newcastle pics, I had the opportunity to buy a genuine T2 for a good price, so I took it.
  • Repro magnifier on twist mount, with a 3D printed spacer; still in doubt whether to use it and/or buy a genuine one
  • Changed the CTR stock for an STR

Since I didn’t like the look of the black STR on the rifle, I decided to paint it. First I had to find the courage to do it. I had rattle cans waiting to be used for years! So, I took a deep breath and started.

I used Krylon Khaki, and Fosco OD and Brown. I used the Khaki as a base layer and then – heavily inspired by @perr_mike and @mapleleaftactical – I sprayed brown and a lot of OD in stripes, through a laundry bag.

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