I’m not a big wearer of patches, but I wanted this Black Beard pirate flag patch after last week’s events in Kenya; see full loadout blog here.

One of the reasons the UKSF guy was initially misidentified as a US Navy SEAL, was because of the large Black Beard flag patch he wore on his Blue Force Gear Medium Horizontal Utility Pouch; situated to the rear of his Crye MRB.

It’s been assessed that Velcro has been added to the pouch, to allow a patch to be worn. Thanks to @mapleleaftactical for his insight in this matter, and for the above diagram.

It’s seems to have been confirmed that the operator’s patch is specifically the type sold by Black Rifle Coffee Company, but I picked mine up from BritkitUSA.

At 5″ by 3″, it’s huge!

Edward Teach (Black Beard) was an English pirate and is said to have been born in Bristol, England – and that’s where this pic was taken.

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