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Since completing my series on HAO’s Beta Release IUR, I’ve been collecting additional parts to further my L119A2 build.

Some will stay, some will go.

HAO’s monolithic IUR is the foundation and defining component of this endeavour, of course; but I would like to be in a position to finish my L119A2 build as soon as HAO’s lower kit is released.

However, keen eyed readers will notice that there are still some important parts that I need – most notably an FH556-216a style flash hider. Hopefully HAO will oblige and make a replica to complete their full kit, when released (and – hint – sell the hider separately).

That said, let’s take a stroll through the parts I’ve acquired so far and discuss the rationale for each.

#1 Manta Very Low Profile Rail Cover – FDE

Potentially, this is for the underside of the IUR’s 6 O’clock rail – as an alternate to the Magpul AFG2.

I looked at the Manta rail cover on the blog recently and it is thought to be part of the ‘official’ (i.e. features in documentation) UKSF A2 package; better than that, it has also been seen in use on more than one A2 in the wild.

#2 Magpul AFG2 – Black

Who here hasn’t owned an AFG at least twice?

This is my third…

I had the AFG1 (when it was simply called the AFG) in 2010. I can name the year as I used it during my very first game with my very first PTW. I’d binned it off the gun by lunch time.

When the AFG2 came out, I bought that. I don’t think I even played a game with it.

And yet, and yet: when I first started handling HAO’s IUR I felt like it was crying out for an AFG – so could this upper provide the perfect home for the AFG2?

Well, it has pedigree. It’s been seen in quite a few A2 in the wild pics including the famous one from May 2016 (snapshot below) and I’m told from those in the know that it continues to be a very popular addition.

#3 Magpul ASAP QD


I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll go with this or the issued Magpul ASAP. I’ve never seen an ASAP QD on a UKSF A2 and neither has anyone I’ve spoken to so far who has greater knowledge.

However, the logic with this one goes that yes – the Magpul ASAP QD is issued as part of the non-UKSF ‘full RIS’ A2; so is it such a huge stretch to imagine it in use as an alternative with the UKSF ‘partial RIS’ A2? True, it’s not thought to be in the official UKSF A2 package, but it’s in the MOD supply chain somewhere.

One to ponder.

#4 Magpul RSA QD

This one should also be controversial, but custom and practice in the UKSF impression community means that it has been accepted as part of the A2 canon; so that’s good, as I have used it on previous builds and I like it.

Again, I’m pretty sure this has not been seen in the wild and indeed the standard Magpul RSA (non-QD) is thought to be in the official A2 package – along with Colt Canada’s own QD mount.

It’s not a great leap to imagine the RSA QD in use, though. I’m told by those in the know that UKSF guys love Magpul.

Nevertheless, after playing around with it I realised that just like the RS it will not fit on the HAO IUR’s one-slot picatinny segment – which is presumably meant for sling mounts.


It needs to fit like this:

So that may require a complete rethink.

#5 Magpul CTR

This is a no brainer as I like the CTR very much and the A2 is issued with it.

Yes, the ACS or STR would add a dash of individuality and both have been seen in the wild (the STR is thought to be in the official UKSF A2 package), but I’m sticking to the classic look on this one.

The ACS (in black) is circled below.

#6 Aimpoint CompM4

How long have I wanted a CompM4? A very long time. But it just never seemed to come off because it’s an eye wateringly expensive optic.

Not as expensive, however, as the official UKSF A2 package optic.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the look of a TA01 NSN/ECOS on an A2, but to include the red dot on top it would be a massive undertaking financially. Plus, I’d only use half of its functionality – unless I suddenly developed a need for spotting.

While perhaps not part of the official UKSF A2 package, the CompM4 has most definitely been seen in use – here alongside the Aimpoint T1 (on GG&G Mount) – another excellent optic.

Lastly, I also have Jay Taranis’ gold standard UKSF spec LA5 sticker set, to adorn my Element replica.

Big thanks to Jay for that – and for his help with this article!

Catch up on the full HAO IUR series here.

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