It’s so simple.

Spiritus Systems’ Hook is ITW’s version of an H&K style snap hook – made in the USA, naturally – attached via webbing to a 3″ by 4″ panel: one side hook Velcro, the other side loop.

It’s designed for use with a chest rig such as Spiritus’ Micro Fight – sandwiched between hook and loop at the rear of the product.

Or, it can be used in the same way behind the front flap of a plate carrier – like Spiritus’ LV119 (catch up on the review trilogy here).

Shown below, I’ve used it to attach my gloves below the LV119’s front plate bag:

But the Hook isn’t limited to that position. Stick it where you find it most useful, to carry whatever is most applicable.

Or how about inside Spiritus’ GP Pouch?

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