Words: Rich Norman

Following on from part one, I spotted a couple of close-up HK416 Slim Line hand guard pics on Google Images. I reverse searched them and established that their origin was an article on Strategie Technik, about the G38:

The G38 is the Bundeswehr’s designation for the HK416A5; the compact 11″ version being the G38C, according to the article.

What’s interesting about these pics is that the hand guard has what looks like a bog standard H&K retention bolt bracket; the same as that of a 416 quad rail. It is welded-on:

However, this must be an old version. The current version has a bracket which is CNC’d as part of the hand guard, and therefore isn’t composed of separate welded sections:

Also of note, these pics of Portuguese Rangers:

These are the first pics I’ve seen of a military user deploying the HK416A5 with Slim Line hand guard.

Also note that some of the hand guards depicted exhibit what look like 95mm HKey Picatinny segments at 9 and 3 O’clock.

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