Words: Nzynate

I’ve been reading The Reptile House since I was in college, back in 2013.

I’m thrilled to contribute to The Anniversary V series of articles, to help celebrate the blog’s five year birthday in May 2018. It’s amazing to think there are over 900 articles on the blog!

So here are my top five blogs, with a few notes for each. Click the links to read the original articles.

I first noticed the blog in July 2013 – just a few months after it started – when it shared Seraph Green’s HK416 to the wider world:

1. Kryloned Blasters #2 – Seraph’s 416


Back then I was looking for guides on how to get a really nice Krylon pattern going on. I was in to the whole kit thing back then, so I was trying to get things “clone/kit correct”.

Fast forward to 2016 when I enlisted in the Singapore Army. I decided to ditch milsim and was more interested in militaria as a whole. So, when the blog came back from hiatus I was excited to see different types of content.

In the 2017/18 version (the third iteration of the blog, I believe) it was nice to see detailed gear reviews, and I also thought the articles on RUSFOR and CT teams/groups were pretty cool – especially the blogs about TKB and SOE.

2. “EMR is Better than Multicam” – TKB: Modern RUSFOR Milsim Team


3. SOE: The Professionalisation of Realsim


It’s hard to pick five of my favourite blogs. Every post is aesthetically pleasing and informative.

However, seeing an occasional post of a unique paintjob still gets me excited. DANTER – takes the crown so far 🙂

From 2013 and 2016:

4. Painting with DANTER!


5. L119A1: DANTER Stylee!


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