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It was the first Kryloned Blaster I featured and, amazingly, the first blaster he’d Kryloned.

I’ve lifted the following, with DANTER’s permission, from the Systema PTW forum. It’s a blow by blow account of John’s painting technique and like Painting With Pie, it’s a masterclass.

Over to DANTER…

“Went to Halfords. Got 4 colours from their new flat camo range: green, khaki, brown, sand. I then messed about with templates and textures.”

Net with random scale-like holes cut out:

 photo ABB6EE21-8773-40DB-8267-67279F40671_zpsf2ac4fdd.jpg

Plucked sponge:

 photo B4B73004-0FFC-4C4D-B552-B582F6B565F_zpsf12264d9.jpg

“You can never tell how this will work out, until you actually test it. So I got a plain white sheet and sprayed one side base sand, one side base green and tried a few things out.

As you can see, I have written down what I have done. Very important if you plan on replicating the effects.”

 photo 4B5BD9CC-5D41-4AC5-80EE-838927D97D0_zpsbb6f1094.jpg

“Pick a favourite from your efforts and test on an airsoft item of your choice. Suppressor is a good bet, as it’s a simple shape. If you wrote down what you did (the order of painting and what templates you used) replicating the effect should be fairly easy. I liked the bottom left (SPRAY – Sand/Tan snake template then Brown beef netting string template).

Off we go, in an effort to replicate. It is important to remember LIGHT dustings of 0.5 second application are needed in a sweeping movement. We do not want a build up of running paint. Leave each layer to dry, too!!!”

Green base, followed by sand snake template:

 photo E764213E-2298-4B71-A945-C428BF095B5_zps14a25b51.jpg

“Now to add the beef netting and spray the brown on…”

 photo C899A058-0BEE-4067-9A05-6CD2B3DCDF9_zps4689953e.jpg
 photo A21B19BA-60D4-4EC7-9D0C-24DC763831D_zps4bd7ed2e.jpg
 photo F55174C9-1EBF-45A0-8FD8-715185257F1_zpsd97e0874.jpg

“Break up the gun. Not needed really, but I prefer it. Also, tape up anywhere you don’t want to cover with paint.”

Green base coat, then the netting template using sand:

 photo 0143DF91-8CCC-415E-BACA-A41D4E78FFA_zps44751995.jpg
 photo 1754627C-79CD-429E-8E04-328047A54FA_zpsde4bf218.jpg
 photo A38A8ECC-6D94-403E-94F9-8BC8450B451_zpsc0df1c58.jpg

“Now add the brown using the second template (beef netting)…”

 photo 46CE9046-09A6-43FD-B8C9-AE9A54AC9D3_zps1b69802c.jpg
 photo 6C2C09F5-66D0-4DB9-8CE3-5BB4147A0A9_zpsc789adc4.jpg
 photo B9E0310E-8397-4F34-AE40-DCCB2F8A7D6_zps1d1af331.jpg


 photo D7120C84-3DF0-4E4B-9BDC-20E52B7C511_zpsed7cd989.jpg
 photo 01323FAC-5451-41AE-AEB5-051907F357A_zps2dccd570.jpg

“A few more dustings with khaki in certain spots that look too solid, viola!”

 photo 14C7C36E-C6D3-486E-B90C-8F26C3C5B15_zps083a7603.jpg

A few more tweaks:

 photo FC09BA2C-1AFA-4779-8D6E-53C159C007B_zps7083a779.jpg
 photo 921FFC26-27CA-4BD4-A6F2-206B28AA565_zpsbc5a6944.jpg

Sublime! Big thanks to DANTER for words and pics!