Very interesting pouch from British Tactical – a slim admin/utility which is low profile enough to be mounted behind mag pouches; or as a highly discrete standalone item.

You can find it here.

It’s meant for flat items, like notepads or devices which are around the size of an iPad Mini. It can take thicker or more irregularly-shaped items, if you don’t mind it bowing outwards like any other pouch. The latter kind of defeats the object, so it’s best to work within the pouch’s design parameters to get the best out of it.

There are a number of different sizes. This one – the Large – is four PALS columns wide, by four high. The dimensions are 16cm wide, 20.5cm high and 2cm deep – or a volume of 0.65l.

Curiously it’s composed of 1000D rather than the more usual 500D. However, it’s likely this decision was made to provide a degree of body and stiffness. You don’t want to mount other items on a sagging pouch.

Similarly robust, the reverse of the pouch exhibits a webbing strap for each PALS column; belt and braces compared to most utility pouches on the market.

The webbing is great quality and weaves easily. I prefer this method of attachment by far – particularly when compared to Malice clips.

At the mouth of the pouch we see two-way zips, with silent paracord pulls. I don’t think the zips are YKK but they seem adequate (YKK doesn’t have a monopoly on decent zips, but they are a good benchmark).

There’s a PALS daisy chain inside the pouch:

incidentally, I can get my hand in the pouch and I have pretty big hands. The zips travel slightly past the top corners of the pouch, in a curve, which really helps with accessibility.

As mentioned above, the pouch is sized to fit devices like the iPad Mini.

There’s also a drainage grommet in the base.

The execution of the pouch is highly competent, with decent stitching and good quality materials used throughout – and proudly made in the UK.

An innovative pouch at a great price – and you’re buying British.

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