Words and pics: Rich Norman

A new flash hider requires a new set of photos and an update to the parts list of my AFSOC-inspired Block 1.5.

Parts list:

Tackleberried 2008 Model PTW

Cerakote Armour Black Prime receiver set

Generic Surefire FH556-212A*

HAO 14.5” SOCOM aluminium barrel

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 RIS

KAC 97098 Forward Pistol Grip

Element LA-5 FDE (just a prop for pics)*

Aimpoint H2 Micro

LaRue LT660 Aimpoint Micro mount

Matech BUIS

Hogue grip

Colt trigger guard

BCM Gunfighter charging handle

LMT castle nut

LMT receiver extension (mil spec)

CQD rear sling point

Vltor IMOD Standard (mil spec) FDE

Tackleberried ‘Super Float’ Magpul Pmag

Magpul Ranger Plate FDE

* Denotes repro

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