Every month, Germany features in the top three readerships of the blog by country.

Thank you German readers – you rock!

I hope it has something to do with my love of quality, things done right and the HK416 🙂

I was chatting to kloohn, one of those German readers, about an awesome PTW build he has planned when the subject of brown blasters came up.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 22.25.32

We started mooching over a couple of much debated in the wild pics, which I’ve included at the top of the blog.

The Geissele SMR-equipped SOF depicted appear to be carrying brown blasters. It’s been said that they’re Delta guys and I had a short conversation with BenCobalt’s C02 – who is hot on this stuff, to check my facts.

Is it Krylon, anodising, or a coating like Cerakote?

It’s the tone of the blasters – in two different light conditions – which is intriguing; plus the way in which the colour of each 416 closely resembles the next.

So, I don’t think it’s Krylon.

I’ve seen so many versions of the helicopter pics – washed out, darkened, enhanced – that it’s difficult to tell what’s going on. However, in the ‘Africa’ pics, with the two D-guys behind the vehicle, it really does look like a professional coating of some sort.

Equally, it’s self-evident that these guys haven’t switched to the RAL8000 version of the HK416A5…so don’t get excited that they’ve upgraded to the newest model 😉

Please excuse the Stranglers’ song title in the heading – could’t resist.