Every month, Germany features in the top three readerships of the blog by country.

Thank you German readers – you rock!

I hope it has something to do with my love of quality, things done right and the HK416 🙂

I was chatting to kloohn, one of those German readers, about an awesome PTW build he has planned when the subject of brown blasters came up.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 22.25.32

We started mooching over a couple of much debated in the wild pics, which I’ve included at the top of the blog.

The Geissele SMR-equipped SOF depicted appear to be carrying brown blasters. It’s been said that they’re Delta guys and I had a short conversation with BenCobalt’s C02 – who is hot on this stuff, to check my facts.

Is it paint, or is it a coating like Cerakote?

It’s the tone of the blasters – in two different light conditions – which is intriguing; plus the way in which the colour of each 416 resembles the other.

This begs the question (as kloohn suggested) whether one guy (an armourer, maybe) is spraying the guns up?

Despite the uniformity, it doesn’t look like Cerakote or something HK has done at the factory; to my eyes its too rough looking. I could be wrong, though – I often am.

Only time and more evidence will tell.

I’ve seen so many versions of the helicopter pics – washed out, darkened, enhanced – that it’s really difficult to tell what’s going on. But the ‘Africa’ pics, with the two D-guys behind the vehicle, really does look like brown paint.

Equally, it’s self-evident that these guys haven’t switched to the RAL8000 version of the HK416A5…so don’t get excited that they’ve upgraded to the newest model 😉

Please excuse the Stranglers’ song title in the heading – could’t resist.