By Duty One.

Since the last time I snapped some pics of the ladies for TRH blog, I have been getting my mandatory year of military service done.

Thus, I’ve not been attending as many games as usual.

Nevertheless, my kit-addiction hasn’t been dormant, and I always had the sweetest gear in my battalion. Next to the service, on my days off, I’d also been looking to change up my blasters a bit.


Those familiar know that my previous iterations were 1x Milciv glam and 1x Mil gritty.

My C8 has now evolved more to my preferences, where I’ve taken the liberty to swap the optics and stock from what’s issued with the blaster to what I prefer.


  • PTW CQB-R 2012
  • All Tackleberry mods
  • KAC Locking Front Folding Sight
  • KAC Rail Covers
  • ARMS hi-pro flip-up Rear Sight
  • Magpul CTR
  • Magpul RSA
  • G&P Storm Grip*
  • HK front grip
  • PEQ-15 with pressure pad*
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 w/ high mount and custom engraving
  • Insight MX3 w/ preassure pad
  • B&T Rotex II*
  • Systema HW mags*
  • Magpulls (not pictured)
  • CQD rear sling plate
  • NFM EC-spray
  • VTAC 2-point padded sling in CB

On the other hand, my Milciv M4 has evolved into something I can use while filling a role as a marksman; swapping the optics, stock, and adding a glassbreaker, PEQ-2 and Harris Bipod.



  • PTW MAX 2012
  • Orga Inner barrel & hop
  • Geissele SMR Mk.II 13,5″
  • Prime CNC M4 Upper *
  • Prime CNC M4 Lower *
  • Dytac Alu Outer Barrel 14,5″ *
  • Dytac BCM Charging Handle *
  • Systema OEM Crane stock (because it’s great!)
  • Hogue
  • UiD-tags *
  • Magpul PMAG M3 with Ranger Plates x7
  • Magpul CTR
  • Harris Bipod
  • Magpul Enhanced trigger guard
  • Magpul ASAP
  • PTS AAC with Mini4 can *
  • Kimpla Custom glass breaker*
  • Visionking Short-dot w/ G&P Docter sight
  • G&P PEQ-II
  • Troy BUIS
  • VTAC 2-Point Padded in CB


Massive thanks to Duty One for this awesome update. Duty One has been an enthusiastic supporter of the blog from the very start, so I’m particularly grateful to him for shooting these pics and writing this comprehensive update.

Thanks again A !