The Reptile House

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It’s always nice to receive blaster porn in one’s inbox – particularly when it’s accompanied by some great written content. I’m really pleased to see DutyOne’s finished carbine. I think it looks awesome and I’m both humbled and surprised that the blog has played a role in shaping it.

Ever since I started airsoft, I’ve gotten more and more influenced by the whole mil way of doing things. But, I didn’t want to go completely standard. This guided my preferences when I started shaping and planning my PTW, before finally placing an order with PPTW in early summer last year.

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I started reading The Reptile House Blog at about the same time I was scoping for influence and inspiration. It was here I saw the light – in the form of the MilCiv style blasters.

As a result of this, I’ve spent much time and way too much money (not…

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