Today I came across an in the wild pic of the Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist stock, courtesy JB.

Looks great.

The stock is attached to a rather nice Colt Canada blaster, with an Integrated Upper Receiver.

It reminded me that I need to answer a question.

Since blogging about the MFT stock, people have been asking me how it actually works in a game.

Well, I haven’t been able to give an answer to that until now because I played my first game yesterday after a two year hiatus from airsoft.

And yes, I was shit.

The MFT stock, however, was not.


When I’m under pressure in a game, the intrinsic value of 1:1 dimensions, RS parts and an artfully dishevelled paint job aren’t the first thing on my mind. In fact, they are almost totally irrelevant.

Conversely, the sort of thing which did come into my mind in these moments was, “I wish this gun was shorter” and “I wish my fucking sling wouldn’t keep snagging on pouches/hook velcro.”

However, in another way, not thinking about stuff is good because it means it’s not impeding you in any way.

This was true of the MFT stock. I didn’t notice it because it worked as expected.

No hang ups, slim, unobtrusive, comfortable in any position and rattle-free.

Exactly what was required and question answered 🙂