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Last time he did MilCiv. This time it’s mil to the max. Excellent content as usual from DutyOne, as well as an excellent NORSOCOM C8 build…

“I wanted to replicate a Norwegian blaster, as my team’s primary loadout is Norwegian woodland. I was drooling over the SGT 416 kit for quite some time, but I managed to restrain myself. Renovating my apartment and buying a £1600 receiver set don’t exactly go hand in hand.”

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“The funny thing, though: in Norway, SF don’t use the 416 over other ARs. This is said to be because our cold winters are too much for the 416. As a result, Norwegian SF use the Diemaco C8 SFW CQB. This was my choice.”

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“When scouting for Norwegian SF reference photos, the process got harder; although I managed to source enough intel to complete the build. But, and there’s always a but, people who know me know that I’m a sucker for detail. Nothing is to be the bare minimum.”

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“Luckily I have a mate who’s got first hand intel on Norwegian SF. He’s given me a lot of info that you won’t find in any In The Wild photos, and has helped me tremendously. So to all you guys busting your balls over Comp M2 instead of Comp M4, PEQ-15 instead of PEQ-2 etc; keep calm and troll on.”

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“The same mate advised me on the paint job, as well. Or, more specifically, what to mask off and not paint. Forsvaret is pretty strict about this, apparently.”

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“The only thing I’m missing at this point is a Prime or SGT C8 reciever set. But that’s for another time.”

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“Parts list:

– PTW CQB-R 2012 (Tackleberried)
– KAC Locking Front Folding Sight
– KAC Rail Covers
– KAC flip-up Rear Sight
– Old school M16 stock
– Magpul RSA
– G&P Storm Grip*
– HK front grip*
– PEQ-15 with pressure pad*
– Aimpoint Comp M2*
– Wilcox Aimpoint-mount
– Systema HW mags*
– Magpulls
– CQD rear sling plate
– NFM EC-spray

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Thanks to DutyOne for words and pics 🙂