I was looking at an HK416D vs. MR556A1 comparison thread on an RS forum and came across the two pics immediately below.

The MR556A1 is the civilian version of the HK416D and is different in a number of ways.

One of those differences I’ll be speculating on here, with specific reference to observations made from in the wild Tier 1 USSOF pics.

Note the selectors:


Now, the thread didn’t mention the selectors as a point of interest, but:

  • The MR556A1 lower exhibits a Heckler and Koch-style selector, as I’d expect.
  • The HK416D, however, is fitted with an M4-style one.

In addition to this difference, pics on Heckler and Koch’s US website show the MR556A1 with ambi selectors and I’ve always assumed the 416 family is ambi, out of the box.

All this conjecture got me thinking.

So, I thought I’d check out what is arguably the most famous HK416D on the planet as a further point of comparison:


What can we see?


  • An M4-style selector is clearly displayed.
  • And it is a resolutely non-ambi setup at that.

Because shit like this matters to me more than it really should, I decided to go through a pile of in the wild ‘AOR1-ish’ HK416D pics, all of which confirm non-ambi controls.

I’ve never really looked before, so I’ve never really noticed this.

I’ve included a sample here:

 photo a988fd67a9bfab36a12d01e1836eefc7_zps366dc10e.jpg
 photo e5f62548422aec8a5f16ded7cb14b05d_zps569874b5.jpg
 photo c341666627f1627a886866d36454f389_zpsed8b259d.jpg
 photo 6e055e2f2762ab3a4ac44a5070c8ed14_zpseb46f641.jpg
 photo 53d995c7b222dab0716244e3cbe64d1c_zpsa91bdbea.jpg
 photo 466b224eaae5c2f2949e47b27d60c414_zps20de11ba.jpg
 photo 43d019ac72e40c1a6c739a8d3829259d_zpse8958483.jpg
 photo 13214597_10209541798200442_245759735_o_zpsnldsgakj.jpg

 photo IMG_2696_zpsahnwbajv.jpg

Anyway, if there’s a point to any of this, I suppose it’s this:

If you’re pushing an NSW HK416D impression, you’re probably not doing the wrong thing by sticking to a non-ambi M4-style fire selector.

This is just as well if you’re a PTW user, because Systema’s ambi mechanism is a pile of shit.

However, if yours is a dedicated civilian build, you won’t be going far wrong by fitting a Heckler and Koch-style selector for that additional badge of difference.