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Apart from the mag (which is for display), the whole idea was to build a rifle that was in no way infected by the Magpul disease! 🙂


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I could have done a straight reblog of this article, which first appeared on The Reptile House in 2013.

I’m quite lazy by nature (or efficient, depending on how you look at things) but I wanted to go the extra mile with this one because of its topicality and because it’s such a special, singular build.

Back in the Holy Realm of Airsoft in 2013, Prime LMT Monolithic uppers grew on gum drop trees at the end of a magic rainbow. Unicorns danced and there was so much magic dust around that it got in your sandwiches.

It was a halcyon but complacent time. Airsofters frolicked in a seemingly consequence-free utopia, unaware that Prime’s LMT upper was A LIMITED EDITION RUN AND THEY’VE SINCE STOPPED FUCKING MAKING IT!

Airsoft has never been the same again.

Here’s what Jay – whose awesome blaster this is – had to say:

The first airsoft gun that I bought was an ASG LMT Defender 2000 (OEM’d by G&P I believe). I loved it, but at the time I didn’t realise how unique the monolithic upper/rail was. It was only after I sold it and went through a few other guns that I recognised the difference.

I was delighted when Tackleberry came up with the LMT project idea and having seen the pictures, I can honestly say I can’t believe how beautiful it looks.

One thing that I should point out is that everything on this build is down to Tac – every little detail.

Legend has it that Prime was uncharacteristically wide of the mark with the LMT Monolithic upper.

They made dimensional mistakes which meant the hop area required rectification. Needless to say, the ones built by Tackleberry left his magic kingdom running perfectly; so much so that the rectification issue is a little known fact and is part of Prime’s forgotten history.

What’s changed since 2013? Well, because you can’t get these any more, demand has gone through the roof and I think they are one of the few uppers which have kept their value over time.

Will the market ever see anything like this again? Maybe HAO will step up to the plate. They’ve been successful in wrestling the boutique 416 market away from from SGT, so hopefully they are looking to carefully diversify.

The reason for this blog? Well, aside from wanting to feature a blast from the past, Tackleberry posted pics of this beauty on his PTW Facebook page…and the crowd went wild.

So I thought I’d share the backstory.

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