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Two things I learned this weekend:

1. Tackleberry has a new DSLR.
2. Tackleberry has a new favourite customer build.

I’m hoping that #1 means more opportunities to showcase what Tac does; and I know that #2 means a very, very happy customer.

Over to Jay, who is the proud new owner of this awesome build:

“The first airsoft gun that I bought was an ASG LMT Defender 2000 (OEM’d by G&P I believe). I loved it, but at the time I didn’t realise how unique the monolithic upper/rail was. It was only after I sold it and went through a few other guns that I recognised the difference.

I was delighted when Tackleberry came up with the LMT project idea and having seen the pictures, I can honestly say I can’t believe how beautiful it looks.”

 photo 531F0588-66B2-47B7-817E-1E6E891D200D_zpskdtqzw7z.jpg

“Tac sent me a couple of PMs as he was building it and in one he told me it was his favourite build ever. Now, while I didn’t doubt what he was saying, it was only when he posted the pictures that I thought – actually, it might be after all. It’s not often Tac posts pictures of customer builds.

One thing that I should point out is that everything on this build is down to Tac – every little detail.”

 photo FBBA6C1A-3AB7-42C1-8EE6-B587D3F32163_zpscujpuqjs.jpg

Of his influences, Tac said:

“Apart from the mag (which is for display), the whole idea was to build a rifle that in no way is infected by the Magpul disease!

And no Ceracocking! It’s all natural.”

As such, the build is a rather cool old skool/nu skool synthesis. At the core is a Prime LMT receiver set, of course. This is redolent of the kind of LE blaster seen in action here:

 photo 9d6578bff562557247a333a9b4ea4999_zpsce1c4b65.jpg

However, the fine detail – Raptor charging handle, Seekins Precision trigger guard, Hogue grip, etc – fully captures the nu skool vibe…and the latter sort of lets the cat out of the bag that Tac is now doing his own Hogue conversions. Not widely publicised.

I really like this build and from speaking to Jay and Tac I know they are both ecstatic about it – and quite rightly so. It really is a statement piece. Something different without being different for the sake of it, or over the top. It’s a fantastic example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Many thanks to Jay and Tac for giving their time to comment on this build.