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Tyr’s RG37 Dump Pouch is pretty cool.

My current gold standard dumper is the Emdom/MM Dump Pouch, which borders on being over designed. There’s nothing much wrong with it, but I fancied trying something new – if only to confirm the Emdom/MM is still top dog.

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I spotted Tyr’s offering on Odin Tactical. Shipping was fast.

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The pouch is funnel-shaped and ‘closes’ (more on that later) with a velcro-backed tab at its mouth. The pouch is almost wholly composed of a mesh fabric which is not only light weight, but is also said to be moisture wicking.

The velcro tab at the mouth of the pouch:

 photo IMG_3133_zpsl4rromno.jpg

Tab can be folded over and used as a hanging loop:

 photo IMG_3134_zps5ranqsni.jpg

From the top, the pouch’s mouth is rectangular in shape. It exhibits a stiffened upper portion:

 photo IMG_3129_zps6h0maewu.jpg

In the pic above, the velcro tab is ‘closed’. The bag doesn’t seal completely, with a drawstring or other such cinching device. However, in this mode it’s actually really practical. You can drop a mag in easily, without looking, but you still have a sizeable barrier in place to prevent mags from jumping out upon robust agitation. Secondly, the tapered shape and soft mesh combine to sort of ‘grab’ the mag and keep it in place.

True, mag retention will need to be monitored, but my gut reaction is positive.

The Velcro tab itself is capable of being secured out of the way, by tucking it down inside the mouth of the pouch (secured by a corresponding velcro swatch).

But, its most interesting alternative use is in stowing the pouch.

From top:
 photo IMG_2663_zpsueegxxgv.jpg

From side:
 photo IMG_2664_zps5fvfkdhz.jpg

Thankfully, unlike the Emdom and HSGI dump pouches THERE IS NO NEED FOR MALICE CLIPS!

I fucking hate those things.

Instead, we have a very sensible arrangement for MOLLE or duty belt attachment:

 photo IMG_3130_zpsff45irnc.jpg

Construction is some of the best I have ever seen. Check out the stitching:

 photo IMG_3132_zpsblcbim2e.jpg

The pouch will take about eight Pmags with Ranger Plates if you stack them carefully, but I don’t intend to use it for anything like that many mags; I hope to reinsert some spent mags into Kydex lined pouches – so this dumper is really for emergency, rather than automatic, use (provided I can hone my muscle memory sufficiently).

As usual, the proof is in the pudding, so I’m looking forward to using this pouch and giving an after action report.