I was really pleased to get back in touch with a good friend, Jay, this morning. Jay has always been really enthusiastic about the blog and is one of the ‘good guys’ in the airsoft community.

I featured one of his blasters a while back and what he’s got cooking right now will hopefully be featured in a future instalment. I can’t wait to see it because he’s got an expert eye for impressions, but is analytical and thinks thing through.

Anyway, while we were chatting, Jay linked me up to a build which GE6TOC had put together and which I’d completely missed. So I thought I’d have a shufty around that era of his IG account.

I came across the pic posted above and its an awesome insight.

Comparing the older GG&G rail with the newer Remington, he simply writes,

“Same concept.”

It’s like DEVGRU said to Remington, “Make us a 416 version of the GG&G tube we used to use.”