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Trawling through  a few RS pics, I was amazed at just how many there are of the HK416 SMR out there in the wild.

It’s been speculated that the SMR was designed for CAG; but that hasn’t stopped it spreading to the LE sector as more recent pics show.

Here’s one in the posession of the LAPD:

 photo 0f994dfd-cb2e-4aa2-9a37-7afba96c335d_zpsmxvvtw4t.jpg

I was really chuffed to get my HK416 SMR, way back in the summer of 2014. They were like hen’s teeth at the time.

 photo 9d2982b5-50e3-4079-a3b7-8fcebb030961_zpseipcqyfa.jpg

Ironically though, I’ve not yet used the rail in anger. I was recovering from an injury when I bought mine and soon after that I lost my airsoft mojo. Having said that, I’d been using the MK2 M4 version for some time and absolutely loved it.

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