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It’s my very great pleasure to publish another collaboration with Ben Webb, Editor of Airsoft International Magazine.

Here’s the final incremental update to his Mil Done Right build:

“You probably know by now, if you follow either Airsoft International or TRH Blog with any regularity, that I’m on the path to building “the” gun. I’m getting there, piece by piece and with some painstaking work, it’s coming together.

Thanks to KimplaCustom, last month I was able to add the slight anachronism that is the AAC Glass Breaker on the end of the suppressor. Totally unavailable as a “real steel” item, this high quality, machined aluminium replica looks and feels the part so I’m happy there.

Shortly after I bolted that on, a part that I’d totally overlooked showed up from KimplaCustom…The GG&G Sling Point Adaptor Plate. Some careful referencing later, my fears were proven to be founded and indeed the plate WAS present on the gun which the majority of my reference is drawn from.

After the Glass Breaker had turned out to be a top bit of kit, expectations for the Sling Plate were high and upon receipt, I was not disappointed. Regular AEG and TM EBB specific models are available with the later being my quarry, of course.

Made from a tough steel, the plate is finished in black with white etching. Online literature suggested that the plate may need a “little filing” to fit since it’s made to a high tolerance. This was indeed the case and about 20 minutes work with a fine file opened out the internal bore just wide enough to slip over the buffer tube threads of my 416.

At this point there’s not a great deal more to add when it comes to this item. It does exactly what it says on the tin and has turned out to be another vital detail in my quest for unerring faithfulness to my inspiration.”

A big thanks to Ben and to Kris of KimplaCustom.

Needless to say, you can pick up one of these beauties direct from Kris, the manufacturer:

Or, hit up Toy Soldier.


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