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Larry Vickers posted this SEAL Team 6 blaster on his Facebook page today. It’s the full pic of one @markowenseal posted on his IG account.

This has to be the most up to date pic of a Tier 1 blaster out there. Magpul CTR, Hogue, RAHG, S&S Precision Surefire mount, Magpul RVG, AAC suppressor with glass breaker, VTAC sling and a nice, classic, straight trigger guard. No BUIS.

There’s your new shopping list.

 photo image_zpsa0c69d9f.jpg

N.B. Keen eyed readers will notice that there appears to be a typo in Mark Owen’s text. The rail is, of course, a Remington RAHG. The sling is possibly LBT’s AOR1 version of a VTAC sling. However, the ‘tail’ you can see at the front of the sling would suggest it’s actually VTAC’s own.

You can read a comparison of VTAC and LBT slings, here.


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