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Ever since that pic went public in December 2013, there’s been discussion over whether the object at the front end of the AAC can is a purpose built glass breaker, or a repurposed scope cover (allegedly used to keep debris out of the can).

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The latter seemed a bit prosaic and, after all, Mark Owen had already given his opinion on the depicted DEVGRU HK416 build, which was good enough for many impressionistas:

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Now, rumour has it that the RS glass breakers are restricted to the SOF supply chain. In any case, it wasn’t going to be long before an airsoft version emerged – standardised on the PTS AAC M4-2000. However, the airsoft version isn’t an ACM clone. It’s been precisely made in South Korea by an airsofter, for airsofters.

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The first batch sold out immediately, but the second batch should be ready in a few weeks time.

It’s composed of 6061 aluminium and looks good to go to me. I noticed Chuck Steyrman bought a few of them from the first batch, and my IG friend ge6toc also obtained one. I think that says it all.

You can soon pick up one of these beauties direct from Kris, the manufacturer:

ge6toc’s pics are featured here. Go follow him on IG to keep up to date with cool shit.

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