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Incremental updates to Ben’s awesome Marui Recoil Shock 416.

AAC suppressor, and Scout on S&S LowProMount:

 photo image_zps9d5eb38e.jpg

Ben made a really good point about the installation of the LowProMount. Make sure you have a set of ball-end Allen keys available, in either metric or imperial flava (imperial for RS). With the Scout attached to the mount, it’s fiddly accessing the end screws which cinch the mount tight to the rail. Ball-end Allen keys do the job nicely.

RS Emag converted for Recoil Shock use:

 photo image_zpsc6320cc4.jpg

Also note the VCAS sling, which converted Ben from a die-hard single-point fanatic. It’s another two-point I’d like to try.

As for next steps, Ben mentioned he wants to go Hogue on the grip and is currently weighing up his options.