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I picked up my DEVGRU inspired Glass Breaker today. Thanks to Kris for super fast shipping and great comms throughout.

And it’s always nice when this happens 🙂

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…particularly since it was Mark Owen who brought the glass breaker to the world’s attention.

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This item isn’t cheap, it really isn’t; but it is excellent quality and if you appreciate that kind of detail this will bring a smile to your face.

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The Glass Breaker clamps onto what I would guess is the can’s strongest point (in terms of resistance to compressive force). The reason for this strength is because the front face of the can is actually the end of a solid aluminium threaded insert. The Glass Breaker cinches over this area, so it is properly supported from the inside.

The hex nut provided is metric.

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The item arrived nicely packaged:

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Instructions on reverse. Notice that the Glass Breaker will also fit other popular airsoft suppressors.

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It’s made of 6061 aluminium. Machining is top notch and the matt grey finish is awesome.

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Specific M4-2000 instructions show that a sleeve (provided) is required for installation. Initially I thought this may be a way to correct wayward tolerances. However, the fit is perfect and it means your can doesn’t get scratched.

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The sleeve:

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You can pick up one of these beauties direct from Kris, the manufacturer:

I’m really pleased with this purchase and its arrival was a good excuse to use an obscure Bowie song as the blog’s title 🙂


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