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Given that the UK is home to the sort of special forces that everyone else modelled theirs on, I don’t see that many L119A1 PTWs around.

Luckily, the ones that are around tend to be high quality impressions. Ray’s is one of them…or two of them, if you count the 16″ upper.

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“The gun came to me already built as a basic 10″ SFW, but had a few problems. It was quickly sent away for some magic and to fit a new Orga barrel and flat hop.

Whilst it was away I compiled UKSF pics and used these to help select the various accessories you see. I then sourced the various parts to build a 16″ upper.”

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The two uppers are still a work in progress, as I need a few accessories to completely finish them. And then it’s time to find another prime Diemaco body and build another lower.”

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Parts List

2008 MAX with Orga Barrel and hop.

Prime Diemaco L119 lower.
Prime Colt upper.
Storm Grip.
Black buffer tube, old school stock and butt pad.
Perr Mike Suppressor.
Replica 4x ACOG with RS J-point red dot.
Replica PEQ15
Garmin 401 in platatac pouch.
USTS 2 point sling.
RS converted E mag.

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16″ Upper
OEM systema upper.
Genuine UKSF issued KAC RIS.
Genuine Diemaco DIS.
Warlord Tactical front sight.
Perr Mike barrel extension.
CQD sling mount.
LBT 2 point sling.

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