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What is it with Finland and incredible Special Purpose Carbine builds? I featured Tuomo’s blaster recently. Now, this:

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Kimi has very kindly produced full notes for this blog entry. One of the reasons I started my blog was to document the thought processes, enthusiasm and expertise of others – exchanging knowledge and sharing influences where possible. What Kimi has written is exactly the sort of thing that interests me and having taken it all in, it’s something I have learned from. It really is worth the read. Over to Kimi…

“After playing with my PTW for about a year, I wanted to personalize my baby. Firstly I added some engravings of my own, to test the limits of the PGC lower receiver. I went with the familiar Skull Frog logo, which I engraved using a Roland EGX-350 with a 0.4mm diamond engraver:”

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“The engraving turned out to be awesome. The whole thing is a fraction of a millimeter deep, not much deeper than the scratches on the body. This looked great in my mind, but It didn’t satisfy my needs. I got in contact with Suzutomo Co. LTD and discussed their processes and what my options were. After convincing me with a few photos, I decided to go for it. LWRC M6A4 IAR. I do not usually do impressions, but for this one I wanted to remain true. Because I wanted some uniqueness to the build, I decided to have the parts Cerakoted in several colors. Receivers and rails with Burnt Bronze and Stealth Grey, with miscellaneous parts in Graphite Black. I could only imagine what it would look like.

Here’s the lower at Suzutomo’s workshop, in the shape I sent it over in. Looks horrible:”

(TRH note – I actually quite like it looking this used :D)

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Now, this is the bit which really made me think. I always assumed that you simply bought a new, tailored Suzutomo receiver. I had no idea that existing receiver sets, with deep markings, could be reworked to such an extent:

“I thought it would be impossible to rebuild that PGC lower. It came with many challenges which Suzutomo triumphed over. It could not have been the easiest task, with all of the engravings – DIY and PGC original.

It did take a few months to get through the whole process of sandblasting, coating, engraving and marking these parts – although there was 3.5kg of metal in the box I sent over!

Waiting eagerly to get her back, Suzutomo gave me the news that made my day. The package was on its way from Japan to Finland. It took only 17 hours and 59 minutes to get from Suzutomo’s workshop onto my hands, via EMS.

I woke up to the sound of my doorbell at 8am. I jumped like a rocket to claim what was mine. All the parts came in a cardboard box. Every single piece – fire selector, body pins – everything was packed in its own bubblewrap to prevent damage. This really made me smile, to see the effort Suzutomo puts into packaging – let alone the finished product. And I hadn’t even seen what awaited me inside. Everything was there. No dents, no scratches, no color variation, nothing. Flawless.”

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

“After a cup of coffee, I put my baby together. The tolerances were dead on. No wobble. Everything fitted like a glove. However, there was one thing I regret. The castle nut, which I mangled during installation. The threads were tight, but my hand slipped. Not at all beautiful, but with positive thinking it gives a nice “used” look to it. It was like silk before – perfect.

As I said, I’m not that into impressions. I want to keep my build true, but still have a “personality” to it. Therefore, I made changes to the original LWRC spec. I changed the stock, rail system and various attachments, to gave it the look and feel that I love. I’m not really sure if I should call this one a Special Purpose Carbine, or an M6. But an LWRC it remains. And it’s *my* LWRC.”

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“I’ve fielded her through a few skirmishes and given her a hard time to see what she could stand up to. There is minor, little, or no wear. The Cerakote does its job and still looks wonderful. The rear body pin has taken some wear and tear from several receiver changes that I have made. That’s about it.

I really can recommend the services of Suzutomo Gun Tailoring. They do the job perfectly, with care and effort.”

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Magpul ACS-L
Mil-spec Buffer Tube*
QD Rear Sling Plate
PGC Lower Receiver*
DPMS Body Pins
Airsoft Surgeon Trigger*
GP Storm Grip*
FCC BAD-ASS Selector (Short Arm)*
Magpul MOE Trigger Guard
Ambi-charging handle*
Rear Flip-up Sight*
Docter Reflex Sight*
Systema OEM Upper Receiver*
Ejection Port Cover
KAC URX 3.1*
14.5″ Steel Barrel*
Noveske Low Profile Gasblock*
SF MB55K hider
SFM300A Scout Light*
Troy Front flip-up sight*
Larue Rail covers & Handstop
Magpul RSA

Airsoft Surgeon trigger and fire control markings:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


Systema OEM Upper Receiver*
Systema Charging Handle*
Troy TRX 13″*
Dytac 14.5″ Steel Barrel*
Systema OEM Birdcage Hider*
LaRue Handstop
Leupold M3*

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

VIS-1 7″ Upper

VIS-1 Upper Receiver*
Teardrop Forward Assist*
Systema Charging Handle*
Aimpoint T-1*
K9 Mounts*
KAC/LaRue/Magpul Rail Covers
Low-profile Gasblock*
AAC-esque Can*

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


Thanks Kimi.