I bought the Airsoft Surgeon (AS) flat trigger on a whim, thinking it couldn’t possibly look as poorly finished as it does in this promotional photo:

…and indeed, it doesn’t seem quite as bad…or, rather, the substantial feel goes some way in making up for the finish.

I bought the trigger from ehobby. Similar to FCC’s excellent offering, the trigger is said to reduce trigger pull distance.

It comes packaged in a sealed, ziploc bag:

The bag contains the trigger and a separate bar and spacers, to mount the trigger. A spring is not provided:

On close inspection, the trigger has visible CNC marks. It’s pretty hefty and a magnet proves it’s ferrous.

Compared with FCC’s Midway style race trigger, the Airsoft Surgeon trigger does not appear to be as well made. FCC’s design also differs, where the bar is cast at the top of the trigger. FCC’s trigger also comes complete with standard and weak strength springs.

FCC left, AS right:

Despite the poor comparison to FCC’s trigger, the Airsoft Surgeon trigger does provide us with a different style and the finish isn’t so bad that it prevents me from using it. It has a sort of artisan, handmade quality which is quite endearing after a while.

TBH I wasn’t that impressed with FCC’s trigger when I bought it at the start of 2012, but it has grown on me (and the silver version is very nice indeed).