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When I first saw a pic of Tuomo’s blaster, prior to painting, it was bad ass. After painting, he’s taken it to a whole other level.

A refreshing change from the popular 416 and Block I & II impressions, this SPC is Tuomo’s only rifle which isn’t part of a bigger impression. This is the rifle he chose for himself.

Rockin’ a Troy accessory package and brimming with RS, this blaster underlines the Finnish eye for detail and insistence on a job done right. Like Jack’s Block II, the parts list is scary.

Prior to painting:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Then, painted as follows – with Krylon flat paints:

Brown (maybe Dark Brown?)

Jungle Green

Lastly, to blend it all together, a sponge was dipped in OD and Jungle Green and applied

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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Cerro Marked Forged Upper
Troy TRX Battlerail Extreme
Prime CNC Lower*
Mil-spec Buffer
Systema OEM barrel*
Apple Airsoft Steel BE Meyers Style Flash Hider*
Vector Optics Arbiter 1-4x24IR
Larue LT104 Mount
Surefire M300C Mini Scout Light
Surefire SR07 Remote Dual Switch
HSP Thorntail Mount
Troy Folding Battlesights
Troy Modular Combat Grip
Magpul CTR
Magpul RSA
Magpul ASAP
IMTT 1 Point Sling
Tackleberried motor


Australian forces, In The Wild:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a note on Tuomo’s choice of of VFG. The Troy MCG is often overlooked, but it’s an awesome grip – I had a couple myself. The big difference between this and most VFGs on the market is it’s composed of aluminium and the gripping surface is beautifully knurled. It also comes in three sections – so shaft length is adjustable. Review at Gearscout.

Although Tuomo adds that the MCG’s aluminium is a bit chilly during the Finnish winter. Brrrr! I’m no Viking, so I’ll stick to UK drizzle…