HAO sent over some details of their Enhanced Pivot and Takedown Pins, which look to be inspired by – if not an unashamed clone of – similar H&K devices.

Why are these even a thing?

Well, HAO tells me that many PTW and GBBR owners complain about wobble between OEM receivers, or when they attempt to splice OEM with random third party receivers.

I have to say that all the HAO PTW receiver sets I’ve owned have been rock solid, but I’ve had Prime and early Eagle Eye stuff that’s slopped about all over the place (as well as Systema’s own cast receivers which are touch and go).

Does it matter? Not functionally, unless it’s ridiculously bad.

Ironically, in RS world, wobble is common – even at the highest end. Check this out from Bill Geissele:

So, wobble is a feature not a bug; but this is airsoft so HAO has a solution which, as usual, is to RS spec.

The pins work on the bearing detente principle and have a release button at the end. Check out the graphics below for more info:

Available from HAO.

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