Following on from my last Systema PTW Infinity post, the company’s CEO, Kumi, is again engaging in product release via Twitter. Today she told us the likely price of the initial product and what’s in the box.

The Price

  • Aiming for 100.000¥ or less (around £700)

What’s in the Box?

  • Infinity ambi gearbox – including high torque internal, brushless motor and DSG
  • M130 cylinder – optimised for Infinity
  • 150mm inner barrel
  • Dummy motor to attach existing PTW grips
  • For everything else, you need a donor PTW


  1. Rear wired
  2. Front wired (uses battery mags)


I’m pleased with the price. I estimated somewhere between £500 and £1000 and we’ve ended up with something in the middle, which includes two items I assumed would be extra: a dedicated cylinder and barrel. Circa £700 is good in my opinion.

If you’ve not seen it before, the dummy motor is a structure which replaces the legacy motor and allows an existing grip to be fitted.

Aside from the parts in the kit, PTW Infinity is backwards compatible which means that it’ll drop right in to whatever cool build you have right now; although personally I can’t wait for HAO’s Infinity lowers, which will allow an RS grip to be bolted straight on – no dummy motor and no motor grip base plate.

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