More Systema PTW Infinity news, this time from Hyper Douraku (article in Japanese).

The following article is a based on Hyper Douraku’s text and pictures, with a mixture of Google translate and a fair amount of editing on my part. So, hopefully it makes more sense to English speakers than a basic Google translation. I’ve also abridged parts to make it more readable.

It is no exaggeration to say that the AEG has entered a new stage of evolution with the Systema PTW INFINITY (stylised using the mathematical symbol: ∞) and I had the opportunity to shoot a prototype.

However, some information about this exciting new development can’t be disclosed, due to the patent application procedure. So, I can’t tell you about the inside of the gearbox or much about the new motor – aside from saying it’s brushless, tiny and was specifically designed for this application by Systema.

Hyper Douraku

Many readers will be familiar with the Systema PTW (Professional Training Weapon) and we at Hyper Douraku have looked at the PTW before. With that said, “INFINITY” represents a comprehensive and revolutionary change for both the platform and AEGs in general.

PTW INFINITY Key Features:

1. Small brushless motor built into the gearbox

2. Dual Sector Gear

3. Pre-cocking as standard

4. Programmable electronic control board with ARM processor

5. Decreased power consumption

6. Backwards compatible with PTW receivers

Hyper Douraku

The layout generally of AR style AEGs, is one where the motor is placed in the grip and power is transmitted to the gearbox housed in the receiver.

INFINITY is radically different, having no motor in the grip. The grip itself is fixed to the receiver with a single screw – just like the RS.

Hyper Douraku

As a result, there are no restrictions on the grip’s angle.

Hyper Douraku

The prototype was fitted with a GBB grip. When identifying whether something is a PTW or not, I sometimes glance at the four screws on the bottom of the grip. With INFINITY, that confirmation method no longer works.

Hyper Douraku

The INFINITY gearbox is the same size as before, but contains a built-in brushless motor which is smaller than the lid of a PET bottle.

Hyper Douraku

The DSG (dual sector gear) is made of chromoly steel.

Conventionally, a sector gear fires one shot per cycle. With a DSG, a full cycle is completed in half a turn. Pre-cocking is also featured. This holds the piston in the rearward position, ready for the next shot. As a result of this and the DSG, the trigger response is super snappy.

Next to the sector gear is a helical spur gear. I can’t give details presently, due to the patent situation, but as with a conventional PTW a planetary gear set is used.

Sector gear position detection has changed. With INFINITY, a magnetic sensor is used, instead of the conventional optical method.

Hyper Douraku

A program card will be sold separately. This will allow settings to be adjusted, such as pre-cock timing, rate of fire, and managing battery voltage.

By default, the rate of fire is set to between 750 and 800 rpm – the same as an actual M4 carbine. However, this setting can be changed in the range of 400 and 1200 rpm. 1200 rpm works out at 20 shots per second.

Although it is possible to go faster than this, INFINITY is best kept within this range for optimum BB feeding (but don’t forget to keep your mag springs in good shape).

Hyper Douraku

The gearbox case is made of aluminum in this prototype, but in the mass production model it will be composed of die cast zinc alloy. The reason for this is because of its excellent shock absorption capabilities, when compared to aluminium. And that’s why Systema has never offered CNC gearboxes – they are noisier.

The INFINITY fire selector is different to the conventional PTW. The lever is fixed to the gearbox with a screw. While structurally unavoidable, it’s a real shame the screw head is exposed as this is not authentic.

Hyper Douraku

The ambi selector rack is also of a new design and promises to be more robust than that of a conventional PTW.

The feel of the selector was a little loose in this trial, but Systema has said that the mass-produced version will achieve the same click detente feeling as the conventional PTW.

Hyper Douraku

The internal shape of the lower receiver is the same as a conventional PTW, so it is easily possible to transplant the INFINITY gearbox – making it backwards compatible with current (soon to be legacy) receivers. The electronic control board has been enlarged, but it is also built into the gearbox.

The control board uses a high-speed ARM core processing chip – also used for smartphones – with dedicated firmware.

Since the trigger and trigger spring are the same as the conventional PTW, the physical trigger feeling is the same. However, as mentioned above, I felt that the response from pulling the trigger to firing the BB was considerably improved by the DSG and precock; and the conventional PTW’s trigger is pretty fast as it is.

The recommended battery is 11.1v, 700mAh, 45C. The connector shape is an XT30 connector that can handle large currents.

In addition, by using a small brushless motor, pre-cock, and DSG, power consumption is reduced compared to the conventional PTW.

For reference, INFINITY is 50A Max / 20A average compared to 120A Max / 60A average for the conventional type.

Hyper Douraku

In the prototype I saw this time, the battery was contained in the stock tube. However, in the future, based on stockless models etc., Systema says they are considering battery mags – as used in the current Recoil PTW. That said, you can easily make a stockless model with a battery in the grip.

Hyper Douraku

With the pre-cock function, when the magazine is empty, the piston does not return to the rearward, pre-cocked position. In addition, if you pull out a full magazine then shoot one shot while pressing the lower side of the bolt release, the precock will be released as well as the chambered BB. So there is no problem in terms of safe operation.

It also has a safety function that automatically stops the unit when foreign matter is detected in the gears.

The power is turned off when the selector is in the safe position, and the LED inside the gearbox lights up when the selector is in the semi / auto position.

Hyper Douraku

Shooting with the INFINITY, the trigger response is really sharp.

The feeling is one of BBs fired instantly and reliably from a highly rigid, 1:1 receiver.

The conventional PTW, where the motor is placed in the grip, creates such a torque that the rifle can feel like it’s twisting when shooting. That has disappeared with INFINITY.

This setup utilised an M130 cylinder assembly combined with a short, 150mm inner barrel for accuracy. It generated a BB velocity of about 85 m/s, which is within the Japanese legal limit.

However, it is amazing that such a small motor can operate with such torque. The new brushless motor is made by Systema and was newly developed for INFINITY. All gears are newly designed, too.

INFINITY will go on sale in spring 2021, with the Value Kit being delivered to dealers first and the the Challenge Kit coming later.

Although the price is yet to be decided, it will be higher than a conventional PTW.

Hyper Douraku

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