Very interesting news via Tackleberry’s Systema PTW User Group on Facebook. In response to a couple of questions set by a member, Tackleberry said the following:

Is the Systema TW5 (MP5 clone) still produced?

Yes. Systema have done, or will be doing a limited production run despite saying they would discontinue the TW5. It is entirely possible they will continue to produce SCKs and Factory Assembled but in small batches. However, they have maintained that full parts support will continue regardless.

Can the TW5 be ‘Tackleberried’ (tuned to the highest standard)?

Yes. The TW5 is essential a PTW in a different set of clothes. Although the Gearbox is more AEG based – rather than the bespoke unit of the M4’s – the rest of the operating system and internals follow the same designs as the M4 platform, just slight differences to suit the TW5’s requirements. External shape of the Cylinder is different, but internals are essentially the same. Inner Barrel and Hop Unit are identical. Electronics are essentially 2008/2012 M4, just configured slightly differently to suit the Gearbox shape. So what’s good for one is good for the other.

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