After taking a break from extensive clone correct accessories and while testing other stuff over the summer, I’ve transitioned from an experimental look and feel back to my normal L119A2 version control schema. Here I left off at V2.6.

The biggest changes with V2.7, really, are the addition of a HAO Surefire FA556SA milsim version replica (REVIEW) and an RS Aimpoint 3xMAG1; facilitated by an RS Aimpoint Flipmount with Twistmount base.

However, I’ve also switched the QD point up front to an RS IWC 45 Offset sling mount, and gone back to the RS Magpul AFG-2. The former decision was driven by wanting to utilise the previous QD mount elsewhere – I just happened to have the IWC spare.

A full parts list is at the end of the article.

Perhaps the most useful of the new additions is the magnifier setup. Using this particular mount, the magnifier can be flipped to the side when not in use or removed entirely with a simple, ergonomic twisting action when not required.

The clearance required explains why in the Newcastle pics there’s a bit of a gap between magnifier and red dot, as the 3XMAG-1 needs space to complete its rotation before separating from the Twistbase.

With the magnifier separated, the Twistbase is left behind; often seen this way in reference pics.

As for paint…I bought it at the start of lockdown.

All of it.

I just can’t make my mind up on what design to do, though.

Parts List

  • Tackleberried Systema PTW
  • HAO L119A2 full kit
  • HAO Surefire FA556SA suppressor replica
  • RS Aimpoint Micro T2
  • RS Aimpoint Micro LRP mount
  • RS Aimpoint Micro 39mm spacer
  • RS Aimpoint 3MAG-1
  • RS Aimpoint Twistmount base
  • RS Aimpoint Flipmount 39mm
  • RS Colt Canada trigger guard
  • RS Colt Canada six position receiver extension
  • RS Colt Canada receiver extension nut
  • RS Colt Canada ambi charging handle assembly (ghetto modded latch)
  • RS Colt Canada ejector port cover assembly
  • RS IWC 45 degree offset QD sling mount
  • RS Inforce WMLx Gen 2 white/IR
  • RS Magpul Magpul MOE K2 grip
  • RS Magpul AFG-2
  • RS Magpul CTR stock
  • RS Magpul ASAP receiver end plate
  • RS Magpul Pmags converted by Tackleberry
  • RS Viking Tactics two point adjustable sling with Ferro pull tab
  • Element LA5 replica with Jay Taranis’ UKSF spec label kit

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