AXL’s MOLLE Half Panel represents further expansion of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight ecosystem, and is a very welcome addition to the toolkit. At the time of writing it wasn’t on AXL’s website, so here’s their product description:

The Half MOLLE Panel locks into the outermost pocket of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig and covers a 3″ area of the front velcro in MOLLE webbing. Designed primarily to securely fasten a body cam or other type of camera to the front of the Micro Fight, it will also hold MOLLE pouches, chem lights and other gear securely.


It’s a smaller counterpart to the company’s MOLLE Full Panel, which I reviewed recently. I bought both products from one of AXL’s biggest retailers, Tactical Kit, who have an exclusive. The items will be on general release from 15 July 2020.

Whereas the Full Panel covers the entire front face of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis (REVIEW), the Half Panel is two PALS columns wide. Also unlike the Full Panel, the Half Panel’s PALS has modern spacing, where every other row is excluded.

Of additional note, the Half Panel’s PALS is tightly stitched, which I imagine is deliberate – because AXL is a design-led company and thinks things through. It means that MOLLE pouches are held fast, with no vertical or horizontal slop.

It’s also notable that AXL has selected webbing here as opposed to laser cut PALS slots, which can become baggy with use.

Rather than simply velcroing to the face of the Micro Fight Chassis, like the Full Panel the Half employs a clever attachment method which mitigates the risk of a pouch being ripped off in extreme conditions. Staying with the velcro theme, this method introduces a ‘lock’: a structure which folds over the Chassis’ front compartment parapet, like an inverted J.

At the opposite end, AXL has included some very useful peel tabs for panel removal. Again, this is typical of AXL going the extra mile; enriching their products with features other manufacturers ignore. The tabs are laser cut in one piece with the panel’s base laminate.

Now, my first thought upon installing AXL MOLLE panels was that intruding into the Chassis, they’d take up valuable space. In practice it’s actually negligible as the compartment stretches outwards to a certain extent to accommodate.

Ostensibly the Half panel is built for body worn cameras and the like, but because it’s MOLLE the user can pretty much do what they like. The pics here depict use of an inverted ITW FastMag.

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