AXL’s new MOLLE Full Panel for Spiritus Systems’ Micro Fight isn’t on general release until 15 July 2020. That said, I bought mine from one of their biggest dealers, Tactical Kit, who have an exclusive.

It comes in a half size version, too, which is also pretty cool. Read my review here.

Here’s what AXL says about the full size version of the product:

The Full MOLLE Panel locks into the outermost pocket of the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig and covers the front velcro in a secure MOLLE webbing field. Designed primarily to add End User Devices (EUD) such as the Kagwerks and Juggernaught phone cases. It can also be used to add MOLLE pouches and other items.


It looks absolutely stunning when used for its primary purpose, but what drew me to it is that it adds MOLLE compatibility to a famously MOLLE-free system.

Heretical or what?

So…this is not a flap.

In the implementation you see here, the panel wraps around the top of the front compartment wall of the Micro Fight Chassis; securing inside with velcro. I was expecting the fold-over section of the panel to rob some space from the outer compartment, but in practice that’s not an issue.

AXL MOLLE Full Panel and Ferro Concepts’ The Mini Dangler (REVIEW)

As is usual with AXL, the attachment method is well thought out and makes the platform incredibly secure.

A less thoughtful designer would merely stick a MOLLE panel on the Chassis’ front velcro, and expect it to handle whatever weight is attached. AXL, on the other hand, goes belt and braces with its inverted J-shape lock-up.

The panel is composed of rather sturdy laminate which absolutely does the job without warping, although I was half expecting AXL’s signature Tegris-like plastic stiffener at its core.

On its face, the panel exhibits four PALS columns by four PALS rows. It’s not often you see full rows nowadays – PALS webbing is usually distributed every other row. However, with a smaller contact area and differently sized devices/other MOLLE add-ons, it makes sense to fully cover the space with webbing.

And just to point out what seems like a small thing, but the tabs at the base of the panel are really useful for removing the item when the user needs to change things up.

What are the Full Panel’s applications? You can add anything with an appropriately sized MOLLE backer including, but not limited to, the aforementioned Juggernaut or Kagwerks cases.

Here I’m simply using some random stuff I had to hand – including a cheeky Crye Horizontal mag pouch.

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